[NTLK] Why five eMates? (Was: Problems with Mark Jozatis)

From: mkow1234_at_aol.com
Date: Wed Jul 13 2005 - 05:46:07 PDT

Hello Ash,
Sounds like you got a nice deal on the eMates. I'm curious as to your plans for four of them? If you intend to use them for teaching kids at home or a classroom environment, there are a few programs that might be worth looking into:
"The Writer's Toolkit" is freely available (I sent this to Victor a while back, so it should be posted by now) for download at www.unna.org. We owe a debt of thanks to Mr. Graham Wilson at SCET (aka Learning and Teaching Scotland) for granting permission to freely release this educational app. Mr. Wilson also took the time to dig up one of the remaining hard copies of the user guide and suggested lesson plans, which I laboriously scanned and converted into a .pdf file. It should be in the same folder with the app at UNNA).
"VideoPhone" was a unique concept in that it was intended to let deaf people communicate with each other via the Newton. After opening the app in two Newtons and setting the app for send/listen, users can send written messages and drawings back and forth. There are options to send and receive via IrDA, serial connection, LAN, and modem. I have successfully tested the IrDA and serial connection options. If you're working with a child sitting across the table from you, you can share information back and forth with the IrDA option (maximum range of three feet, I believe). I wrote to a bunch of Russian and German folks about this one, but I guess we won't ever get the code or see any additional enhancements. Too bad. Still, it is a novel concept and seems to be unique enough to grab a child's attention. Give it a try.
"Type to Learn" helps kids develop familiarity with the eMate keyboard. I think by default, it loads only some of the basic lessons. However, if you "tell the program" you are a teacher, it allows you to unlock other lessons. It's all explained in the documentation. Again, this can be found at UNNA.
There is also a classroom management app (the name escapes me at the moment) for tracking individual student progress. i want to say "Clarity", but that may be wrong...
There are a number of basic math drill and flash card apps, as well as lots of eBooks. Some fun games that also "trick kids into thinking" include: RepTile, Hopper, Yatzi, CopyCat, and AMazeing. Most of these should be listed at UNNA. I think "Hopper" can be downloaded at www.dumbstart.com ?
I know of other apps, but I've donated or loaned out all of my eMates, and I can't recall the titles.
Matt K.
detroit, Michigan, USA

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