[NTLK] I (Mark Jozaitis) am back... [Sorry]

From: Macs R Us Computers (sales_at_macsruscomputers.com)
Date: Wed Jul 13 2005 - 16:26:55 PDT

Hello All,
I am very sorry about all the horribly LONG Delays in
response for: e-mails, calls, AIM, Etc... As you may
know we were moving, and during that time after moving
in a small store front in LaPorte IN, we had some
MAJOR Problems that almost put us out of business for
good... To sum the problems up, people left, tons of
money was lost. And it has all basically been up to
me to do all the work of what was 2-4 people, and this
being the case, I do apologize.

The good news - I persuaded the Bank here in town to
give me a loan to at least buy my self some time to
piece it all back together. Now, the prior people who
did shipping and customer service did NOT by any
standards have good records, you must bear with me as
basically if you have a problem or did not get
something please contact me directly... I have added
a e-mail Filter to my main account for Urgent messages
to me directly just have this "Direct Contact" at the
VERY Beginning of the Subject and it should get a
quick response. I am not going to lie about this, it
is very hectic and I am having a great deal of
problems but I would like to correct everything I can.
 The 800 Number IS NOT WORKING Currently, because the
phone system was not moved yet and you will get either
a busy signal OR be asked to leave a voice mail. I
got a great deal of negative feedbacks that I would
consider them as having good reasons since for a while
when I was out of town and when this has been
happening MANY People's items were not being shipped
nor was there any means of customer service, and I do
not consider that acceptable and that is why I am just
taking it all day by day, and I will take care of the
older orders too. As for the problems you can count
that I am a very determined person, so Macs R Us
Computers will be around in someway or another, I will
not let this horrible bunch of problem mess that up...
 But just to be clear you must understand I am now
doing this all by my self for financial reasons. With
out going into to much detail a lot a money was lost
by bad investing, and a suit against us (both of huge
amounts)... And that put me in a bad position having
ask those working with me to resign there positions,
or at least for now.

Again I want to correct ANY and ALL Problems as time
will allow, please do NOT just 'give-up' and fill
Claims will PayPal, or leave negatives, as I said I am
using my personal money to fix this all.

Both of my PayPal accounts are now Froze due to claims
(w/ just cause) but I am currently not able to take
PayPal, and my site (http://macsruscomputers.com/) is
unable to take orders. But please remember the Forums
http://macsruscomputers.com/forums is still working
for important updates, and the like, PLUS Support.
Also we use PayPal as shipping accounts causing
further problems with orders getting out as the
accounts were froze and not shipments could at the
time get out so as you can see that is a sort of catch
22 as it just kept getting worse and worse, and I am
very sorry to any who were affected by this.

And just as an FYI any orders placed from now on are
shipped same or next business day (After Payment is
received), this will help out a lot.

Also I may JUST Ship to the US Contiguous 48 States,
I am sorry about that but with these problems that is
something I may have to do... I may on a rare
occasion make and exception.

Well, if I missed anything to cover please let me
know, and be sure to contact me with your problem(s)
with new and/or old orders, so that I may try to
correct them ASAP.

Thanks So Much!
Mark Jozaitis - (mjozaitis_at_macsruscomputers.com)

PS: My new mailing address is:

ATTN: Mark Jozaitis
302 Licolnway
LaPorte IN 46350

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