Re: [NTLK] batteries and battery tray questions

From: Dan (
Date: Sun Jul 17 2005 - 07:59:11 PDT

Yes those batteries are fine. And nope it can't hurt the Newt if you
have the AC attached while replacing or just having those batteries
installed, provided you have a original battery tray that has not been
modified. In short if you don't have two contacts on the bottom of the
battery tray it is fine. Those two contacts tell the Newt it is a
rechargeable battery, and without them it assumes that they are alkaline
and not rechargeable.


> Two questions came to mind:
> 1. 2500 mAh Nimh cells are safe for use with the 2100, no?
> 2. Must I remove the battery tray with the alkalines or nimh tray
> installed? I understand that the AC adapter won't charge the
> batteries, but can it hurt the Newton or the batteries to leave the
> tray inserted when the AC is attached?

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