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From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Tue Jul 19 2005 - 13:46:00 PDT

Le 19 juil. 05 =E0 16:18, gaudo a =E9crit :
> Mr Paul Guyot
> Do you know what means the error code =96 10572?
> I was using your ATA driver with a ATA card then I plugged my AC =20
> adapter into the MP 2000 and the card never works anymore.
> May the AC adaptor (it is not an apple product) burned the card?


I think your Newton or your card is defective.

Error -10572 is kError_ATA_Aborted_Command.
If ATA Support is frozen or not installed, it means that the non-=20
working ATA driver in NewtonOS cannot read the card. It's not the =20
usual error code (instead, it returns -10582) and it probably means =20
that the card is toasted.
If ATA Support is installed and active, since ATA Support doesn't =20
generate such an error, I would say that it means that the card is in =20=

such a state that ATA Support did not recognize it as an ATA card and =20=

that the built-in non-working ATA driver in NewtonOS is telling you =20
that the card is toasted.

In other words, the card is considered as toasted by software =20
components of your unit.

This can either be that it is toasted indeed or that the card slot is =20=


To figure it out, I suggest inserting the ATA card into another =20
computer such as a laptop. If a laptop can use the card, then it's =20
not completely dead. It might not mean that the Newton's slot is =20
defective because the PCMCIA controller in the Newton is different =20
from modern PCMCIA controllers and ATA cards have three modes, only =20
two are possible with Newton hardware, some laptops might use the =20
third mode (closer to hard disks). But if the laptop doesn't =20
recognize the card, the card is surely dead. It does not necessarily =20
mean that the Newton's PCMCIA controller is entirely functionning.

It seems to be weird that an AC adaptor could toast a card. ATA =20
Support configures the Newton's controller and the card with the =20
lowest voltage to save battery (well, I think it does save battery), =20
which basically mean that your 3.3 or your 5v line had a power surge =20
and this could have damaged more than just the card as most =20
electronic bits are powered by 3.3 or 5v lines, unless the card only =20
works in 12v. Compact Flash cards work at 3.3v.

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