[NTLK] JAE Interconnect parts

From: Chris Sladky (rsladky_at_buckeye-express.com)
Date: Tue Jul 19 2005 - 14:58:30 PDT

I managed to find a few of the JAE parts that work with the
interconnect port in an old box. These are the parts that can be used
to "make" dongles and possibly docking stations, etc. I believe these
parts can be used to use any of the pins on the interconnect port. I
was originally planning on using these for the audio in/out, but I'm
sure you can figure out better things to do with what I believe may be
a rare part. Does anyone know of a source that still has these? If so,
please let me know; I'll keep these and use them for my projects.
Otherwise, I figured I'd offer them to you guys, as I'm sure you will
make some neat stuff with them. I'd like to get some money for these,
though, as I believe they are probably rare, unless someone can tell me
otherwise. Anyone have offers??

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