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From: Johannes Wolf (
Date: Wed Jul 20 2005 - 00:00:32 PDT

Hello PCBman,

Nice to hear from you again.
It sounds very interesting - but I am afraid you build that breakout cable
only once ;-((
And I remember as well that there is only a very limited number of
connectors out there...

So keep us informed about the funny things that are on their way.


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> Hello everyone!

> I just thought that I would let you all know that I am still
> here. I have been very busy lately and, as a result, have not
> posted too often.

> At the moment I am building a breakout cable for the interconnect
> port. It is something I should have done ages ago but I just kept
> putting it off. It's one of those unexciting, fiddly tasks that,
> in the end, will be enormously useful but just takes forever to do.

> Anyway, just a few more wires to go...

> Once completed I will be able to connect the Newton to lots of
> circuits via my new PIC development board.

> Fun things are on the way...

> Over the past few months I have had several requests for SER-001
> and EM300 boards. As you are all no doubt aware, I have sold out
> of these. Due to my busy schedule, I failed to reply to all my
> emails in a timely manner and those requests went unanswered for
> weeks - sorry!

> I did find 3 SER-001 and 3 EM300's lurking on a shelf the other
> day and fired off emails to those people who had requested them.
> No reply :(

> So, I will offer them here.
> If you want any of these items I will sell them to the first
> people to email me at:

> These items are specially priced.

> SER-001 $35 (Usually $42.50)

> EM300 $65 (Usually $85)

> If you are successful I will send you a confirmation email with
> further instructions.

> Keep sending me your suggestions for things.

> Regards,

> PCBman

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