[NTLK] NewtSync Question

From: Owen Collins (collinso_at_wlu.edu)
Date: Thu Jul 21 2005 - 10:33:40 PDT

Hello everyone,

So basically Newtsync matches categories from an ics file to the
categories in the Newton datebook right? Currenly there are
problems(from my experience)with times being altered by an hour between
the two systems, I tink some one said it might be related to daylight
savings time.

The other issuse is teh changed file structure in iCal 2.0. The ics file
is now located in a different folder on the Mac side.

Thinking about getting Newtsync to work reliably seems to involve
solving these things. Finding teh ics file seems to invole rewriting the
code to find it in the right spot. As far as the sync issuse go, could
you work around this by trying to inegrate newtsync and IC/VC, that is
getting newtsync to transfer the ics file into the newton rather than
syncronizing with the newton?

Just some thoughts, I unfortunealy have no programming experience to
work on this.

What do you think?


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