Re: [NTLK] Linear Flash on Mac/PC?

From: Dan (
Date: Fri Jul 22 2005 - 10:05:44 PDT

Tyler Regas wrote:
> Does anyone know of any software which will allow a Mac or a PC to
> access and write to linear flash cards?
> Tyler

Depends on the operating system you are using. Windows 98/ME didn't
support them when they were released so you had to find a driver for it
(usually supplied with the card reader). Windows 2000 and XP support
them right out of the box. So if you plug in your flash card reader and
install its drivers (if needed) the reader should be able to do the rest.

If the above don't work you can try the drivers at There is some software for
Linux as well that can look at a whole card and even make copies of a
card byte for byte. I forget the name of it though, but I believe it is
included with Linux normally. As for Mac, sorry I can't help you there
as I only use PC's currently.


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