[NTLK] How do I get my PowerBook to share wireless internet? PLEASE help.

From: Charlie Ranlett (enigmaticmunkie_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Jul 23 2005 - 17:37:15 PDT

This is something like try number three for this
problem, hopefully I can get answers this time.
I have a MP2000 with a Lucent wireless card. I'm able
to sync with my PowerBook by selecting "create
network" from the AirPort menu; however, this of
course only creates a sort of wireless-ethernet thing,
and doesn't allow me to use the PowerBook's 56k
connection. That is, unless I'm doing something wrong.
Assuming I'm not, when I simply turn on my AirPort
card and have sharing set up to share my modem
connection through my AirPort card, the wireless card
in my Newton doesn't so much as blink at the signal
that my PowerBook should be putting out.
I'm running OS 10.4. Does anybody else have experience
using wireless internet through their Newton via the
method I've described (56k-->built in
wireless--->Newton's wireless)? I've followed a couple
of different instructions, but I've only been able to
get a connection with NCU via the "create a network"
option, never just by having AirPort on and my
internet supposedly routed through it.
I'm certain I have the correct software, there's just
something wrong with how I'm configuring it when it
comes to using Courier or whatnot.

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