Re: [NTLK] Newton Mounted on a Bike?

From: RAParker (RAParker_at_Quadzilla.NET)
Date: Mon Jul 25 2005 - 09:06:05 PDT

On Jul 23, 2005, at 3:56 PM, Dale Steele wrote:
> I'm wondering it anyone out there has experience with
> this and/or some tips. I can't take on a big project right now but
> can start thinking about it or try some simple experiments. --

Yes, I have put a little bit of thought into this scenario.

Do you plan on just being able to pull your Newton out and use it like=20=

a notepad, putting it back away when you're finished?


Are you planning on using your Newton while on your bike (stopped of=20
course) in front of you, i.e. on the gas tank? Do I see GPS in your=20

For just pulling it out, I have personally found various type of belt=20
packs work great. There many that are rectangle in shape, with zippered=20=

tops and extra pockets. I usually see these in thrift stores in the=20
purse and backpack sections. I snag'em when I can. One particular pack=20=

I found, is a black (faux leather) case from a company call eastsport,=20=

might look good on a bike...but I digress. The point is, I'm beginning=20=

to believe that this "rectangle" belt packs are a pretty common shape=20
for a non-fanny type pack. Handy too with all the extra pockets.

If you want to use and see it while sitting on your bike, let me=20
introduce you to a fantastic Hi-Tech friend: It's called Velcro. Great=20=

stuff! For the bouncy bike situation, a custom shaped piece of soft=20
padding can be created out of just about anything. Then sew some wide=20
strips of Velcro to it. You know=85it's strong enough for NASA and it=20
works great for us mortals too.

Figure out where you want the rougher hook sides and the softer loop=20
sides of the Velcro adhered to. You can attach Velcro to the Bike, the=20=

vibration pad, and/or the Newton itself.

What model of MessagePad do you have? You might be interested in a U.S.=20=

Army issue Newton Camo Case for the Newton 1x0. It's also a belt style=20=

case but, with a flip out design that is second to none.


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