[NTLK] Seeking nature sound generator app (for meditation, relaxation, sleep)

From: mkow1234_at_aol.com
Date: Wed Jul 27 2005 - 19:28:46 PDT

Hello Everyone,
I was thinking the other day, I have some cool audio notes stored on my MP 2100, but most of them only play for less than a minute each. It would be nice if there were a way to listen to and enjoy something soothing at night via my Newton. So, here are a few questions:
Would it be difficult to write an app that would modify the audio notes program by adding a loop playback function? Ditto for a way to make the Newton shut down after a set length of time? Would the sleep function in preferences accomplish this task?
Does a sound generator app already exist that would allow users to program in sound samples (like waves crashing, rainfall, wind, crickets chirping, loons, birds, whatever, etc.)? If such an app does not exist, would it be tough to create one?
How about the existing MidiPlayer app as a possible starting point for creating a nature sound generator? It has an alarm function, so would it be possible to "reverse" the functionality of the alarm to make the app play for a set time and then put the Newton to sleep, rather than having the Newton wake up and start playing a midi file?
Assuming the MidiPlayer app would work for playing back relaxing sound sample bytes, how difficult would it be to get sound samples into the midi format? Does it take a recording studio to do it? Are there programs that allow one to create midi files on an XP laptop?
Does anybody else think a sound generator app is a good idea?
Thanks in advance.
Matt K.
Detroit, Michigan, USA

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