Re: [NTLK] Seeking nature sound generator app (for meditation, relaxation, sleep)

From: Martin Gomez (
Date: Thu Jul 28 2005 - 11:27:40 PDT wrote:
.MOD files are some kind of "antiquity" in those daysof mega-multi-media
computers, where everything has sound, video and fill your hard drive
with megabytes of that... but going to your question: the MOD format was
born in the Amiga line of computers, it's a kind of midi with embedded
digitized samples and 4 tracks that can play those samples varying pitch
and speed of playback at the same time (yes, 4 channels, 2 more than
stereo and back in the '80s).
The original software for writing mods was "ProTracker", but you can
find a lot of different programs to do that searching google.
i've found a MOD player for the Mac here:
and here i found many MOD players and Trackers, for linux and windows:

I hope that helps


>Er, um, I meant ".MOD", not "Midi"! The app I was speaking of is a.MOD player. Sorry about that!
>So, does anybody know how one goes about learning how to create their own .MOD files?
>Matt K.

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