Re: [NTLK] New e-book available: Pascal, Pensees

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Date: Fri Jul 29 2005 - 04:48:16 PDT

Subject: Re: [NTLK] New e-book available: Pascal, Pensees
From: Woody Smith <woodysmith () comcast ! net>
Date: 2005-07-29 4:07:55

>thanks Tony and Matt for the help with Dante's Inferno

My bad -- eeeeks, did I give Tony bad URL?

See for Pascal,
and Dante's Divine Comedy is here . At
least I *did* set the access rights properly this time (I think). ;=}

> this is my first post, so be gentle with me. i followed the link and
> got the dreaded: The requested URL /library/nonfiction/ was not found
> on this server.
> any ideas?

Yo, Gladys, there's always a neat ole trick: cut the last part of the
URL off right to the next /, and reload that. Usually that takes you up
a page from which you often find a proper link to the page you're
looking for (if it hasn't been removed from that site at all).
For the Library that's pretty handy as I have been known to
occasionally rename directories if the new name makes better sense (if
only to me).

Start browsing the library here (you
always get back via the browser's Back buttton or up a hierarchy via
link "Parent Directory") and take a peek at the New Additions-document
for getting an idea of what flavors to expect. Most titles are listed
there, with links too (which in most cases will work - if not, see
above) and short blurb. And in the titles' directories there's often an
about.txt telling you more about that book.

Oh, and be most cordially invited to contribute yer own ebook editions!
Where to find free etexts, how to turn
them into Newton books: and
how to submit to the Library: .
    There's still a couple free Dr. Who texts over at the BBC that I'd
love to see turned into Newton ebooks, and what about Lessig's Free
Culture, Klein's No Logo, and then there's a CC-licensed Zombie-trilogy
somewhere... Any of which will buy the contributor the neverending
praise of all of Newtonia, good karma, a sense of achievement and
something productive to do with free time. There are worse ways to
waste an hour than Newtifying an eText.

> thanks in advanced,

Most welcome!


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