Re: [NTLK] RES: RES: Reflecting on the first few weeks USING my Newt 2000

From: Dan (
Date: Sat Jul 30 2005 - 13:06:14 PDT

gaudo wrote:
> I don=B4t understand when you talk about DIN9...
> I have a MP2K with the dongle. I need something more to connect the
> keyboard?
> How much you ask for the keyboard?

DIN9 is the other end of the Newton Dongle. In other words, one side is
the Newton Interconnect Port (a slot looking connector sticking out) and
the other side is the DIN9 (a round connector with little holes that
accept the round connector cables that goes to a computer, keyboard, etc).

If you have the dongle, you only need to get a Newton Keyboard and plug
it in. Nothing else is needed.


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