Re: [NTLK] BlueTooth / blunt capabilities

From: Martin Joseph (
Date: Sun Jul 31 2005 - 22:18:15 PDT

On Jul 31, 2005, at 10:35 AM, Marco Mailand wrote:

> This Tue I got a Sony-Ericsson K750i cell phone
You lucky dog. I am still using an old t68i...<snip>
> How is the state of that often mentioned blunt pkgs for the Newton?
> Are they reliable?
Yes they are reliable and work quite nicely. I have the Ambicom
compact flash card (purple antenna) and a CF adapter.
> Do they follow any standard, maybe even that one of
> M$/Outlook?
That's not a standard.
> How do I bring the Newton to talk via BlueTooth? Are there
> PCMCIA or CF (non-card bus) Bluetooth cards out?
I would look over at for a list of cards that Eckhart has

As far as how it works, I can't comment too much for windows. On the
Mac I can send files back and forth as well as installing packages
(Also need IC/VC). I can also send vcard to the phone from the newton
and vice-versa.

I am unaware of any "syncing" setup that works via bluetooth currently.

Also Sony/Ericsson phones have had an issue with GPRS internet access,
that has been a problem for Newton. In other words, I have setup both
the t68i and a t610 to get internet access from the the GPRS
connection, but in both cases these connections were frequently
dropped (especially in Mail V) do to an "echo packets" issue.

 From the mac you can disable the echo packets and the phones then work
great for access... Too bad I can't do the same from newton, as this
would be a killer portable setup. Bluetooth is very easy on the
batteries also, unlike WIFI.
> So far I've not followed this tread at NTLK at all - sorry - it was
> simply to much...
> I would be grateful about any insight, especially by another K750i
> user.=20
I wish...
> _____________
> OT:
> BTW, that cell phone offers me the possibility to record short movies
> of dance teachers at Salsa congresses with unlimited (1GB Memory Stick
> :-) recording time. Before I suffered from maximum 26 seconds with my
> Canon IXUS V camera. At the next congress in Miami (Aug. 18-21) I'll
> have only one little device to "lug" around :-) Beside that the K750i
> is a great USB memory stick and by charging it thru the USB port of my
> Tablet PEECEE I can even leave the 230VAC adaptor at home :-))
It looks like a pretty good camera also...


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