Re: [NTLK] exporting from Newton to a Mac

From: Johannes Wolf (
Date: Wed Jun 01 2005 - 00:45:32 PDT

What I used is QuickFigure Works.
There is QuickFigure Exchange to import/export spreadsheets to MS Excel.


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> I have quite a few spreadsheets on the Newton and I need to export them
> to my Mac, how do I do that?
> I have tried NCU but Works export only presents word documents and not
> spreadsheets. Is there something else I can use with either OS9.04 or
> OSX?
> Also exporting Notes seems to be a chore, what is the easiest way?
> My setup is: Newton MP2000 (upgraded to 2001), Mac Powerbook G4 AL
> running OSX.3.9
> Thanks.
> Robret

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