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From: Mechcozmo (
Date: Thu Jun 02 2005 - 07:13:06 PDT

If you are trying to get it to run on another platform which doesn't
have a special chip, then you can't get it to work until you
reverse-engineer that chip. Even if you are emulating that chip, you
can't just say "PRESTO!" and it works. You need to emulate the
commands that chip does. Which is really hard to do.
Consider the fact that one of the developers committed suicide during
the Newton project to realize just how hard these guys were being
I wish them all the luck, but it is really hard to take an OS that
little is known about and completely port it over to even an emulated
hardware. Porting the Newton OS to, say, a Palm hardware is even
harder to do.


> Ok, porting and emulating are different things,
> but for end users it shouldn't matter in the long run,
> should it? I hope to see Einstein in action soon.
> Great work, Paul!

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