Re: [NTLK] compressed tetrafluoroethane and newts?

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Fri Jun 03 2005 - 11:53:12 PDT

That's the refridgerant replacement for R12 (it's
actually r134a)
Normally, there should not be a problem, but there may
be an issue if components are overly stressed by
becoming very cold very quickly. The sudden cold shot
(by the expanding R134a refridgerant) could crack the
glass of the LCD if it was done in a manner that
allowed only one small section to get cold.
The other issue is that some times the refridgerant
can contains compressor oil. This is used by the
refridgerant mechanic by inverting the can and
allowing the oil to enter the compressor system along
with the refridgerant. Getting this oil on the
components of you newt will probably not be a good
The third thing is unrelated the chemical. And that is
the blowing of air to remove dust and stuff. I have
found that unless you give the dust a method of
escaping, it will invariably embed it's self deeper
into any available crevices causing more of the
problem you are trying to avoid. My suggestion is to
acquire a small amount of microfiber cloth and wipe
the screen with this cloth. You will be amazed at the
level of cleaning a dry microfiber cloth will
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--- Thomas Isenbarger <> wrote:

> I have some compressed tetrafluoroethane stuff that
> is used to blow
> off dust and crud from computers, docking stations,
> etc. Is this bad
> for my Newt? I am planning to change my NuShield
> today and I thought
> I could use the compressed gas to blow dust off
> before putting on the
> new shield. I thought about maybe trying to blow
> out the crud that
> gathers under the edge of the plastic around the
> screen, too.
> Tom Isenbarger

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