Re: [NTLK] compressed tetrafluoroethane and newts?

From: Newton (
Date: Fri Jun 03 2005 - 13:33:19 PDT

> I am planning to change my NuShield today and I=20
> thought =20
> I could use the compressed gas to blow dust off before=20
> putting on the =20
> new shield. I thought about maybe trying to blow out the crud that =20
> gathers under the edge of the plastic around the screen, too.
I've used successfully Scotch tape and Whiskey to accomplish that =
hopeless task. Hopeless because you'll never get off all the dust and
Whiskey to get over the blue about the result. ;-)

Seriously: Scotch tape is very useful to catch particles and we used it =
clean ends of optical fiber connectors. Even the very sensitive FC/PC =
FC/APC connectors were cleaned surprisingly well. Be carfull to get a =
produced roll which doesn't leave it's leavings on the surface.=20


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