[NTLK] Norsk/XTND/BlueTooth problems

From: Børre Ludvigsen (borrel_at_uchicago.edu)
Date: Fri Jun 03 2005 - 14:56:06 PDT

1. Has anyone got the package for Norwegian/Danish characters? I can't
    seem to find it on the net and my backup CD's are in Norway.

2. I'm having problems getting files from my Mac to the MP with the
    Newton Connection Utilites trying to send files to Newton Works. It
    complains that "XTND Translator" doesn't load. Relaunching NCU as it
    asks for doesn't help either. I can see that the Claris Translators
    folder and Claris XTND System are both in the System folder. Any

3. Bluetooth is not quite working. I have a BT2000CF card in adapter,
    the Blunt drivers installed. It seems to go into an eternal loop
    trying to discover devices. There are two confirmed devices right
    next to it (Nokia 6310i and this PowerBook) that talk to each other
    all the time. Would someone who has this working kindly contact me
    off list if this has already been discussed? Or point me to some
    secret resource. (I have read the Wiki and Blunt pages.)

- Barre

      Børre Ludvigsen - http://home.uchicago.edu/~borrel/ - +47 908 24 608
                        N41.79641 W87.58523 180M

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