Re: [NTLK] How do I make screen shots?

From: Dan (
Date: Sat Jun 04 2005 - 11:36:59 PDT

Yes Newton Toolkit will do it. My preference is X-Port (though not
free). One tip to PC Toolkit users, you may have to set your screen to
256 colors to get the screen dump (screen shot) to work properly. At
least that is what I had to do. Took a long time to figure out what the
problem was, I just kept getting a blank screen and though it was my
connection or something. But one day I just happen to lower by color
setting to 256 (I forget the reason) and the Toolkit screen dump worked!


> Sorry for the noise, but I finally did find some apps, the best of which
> turns out to be the ToolKit. The only real source though, was a similar
> question on this list.
> - Barre
> On Fri, 3 Jun 2005, Børre Ludvigsen wrote:
>>Can anyone tell me how to make a screen shot of my Newton's screen
>>without having to turn it into a webserver first?

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