[NTLK] [ANN] Einstein Emulator for MacOS X UP2

From: Paul Guyot (pguyot_at_kallisys.net)
Date: Sat Jun 04 2005 - 17:11:41 PDT

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce the availability of Einstein Emulator for =20
MacOS X UP2.

This new version brings many changes and will expire on July, 7th.

You can download it on my website:

This new release comes with a full featured User's Manual in PDF format.

Change History
- Rewrote the PortAudio interface.
- Added a CoreAudio sound manager. This is now the default sound =20
- Fixed a problem in Tiger: the screen wasn=92t updated when the mouse =20=

button was
- Transform the README document into a User=92s Manual.
- Added NewtonScript global functions to log lines or to break into =20
the monitor.
- User data is now imported from the AddressBook if available, or via =20=

   account (Unix method is also implemented and has been tested).
- The time zone is now set to match the host time zone. This is =20
achieved by
   setting the location on the Newton (instead of default which is =20
San Francisco
   on US units). The location is chosen as being either the city of =20
the owner (if
   found in the AddressBook and if the time zone matches), a city in =20
the same
   region or state, a city of the country of the owner or whatever =20
city is in the
   same time zone. A random location is created in the unlikely case =20
the host
   time zone doesn=92t exist on the Newton.
- Created a GUI to dump the ROM via TCP/IP instead of using nc(1) in the
- Emulation of 2 PCMCIA sockets. I discovered that NewtonOS will =20
corrupt memory
   if I try to emulate more than 2. Interruption aren't emulated yet.
- Emulation of the serial number ROM Chip. The NewtonID is set to
   0000-4E65-7774-6F6E for now.
- Fixed a bug yielding to a total loss of changes between reboots. =20
Flash files
   saved in UP1 are actually empty and will be "factory-recalibrated".
- The preferences are now saved to file and the setup window can be =20
- Alerts that were previously logged in the Console are now reported =20
with a
- Added primitive NIE bindings (incomplete).
- X11 interface now works with Familiar Linux=92 X11 server.
- Recompiled with gcc-4.0.


Ministre ultrapl=E9nipotentiaire en disponibilit=E9.
Mobile. Sans baignoire fixe.

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