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Date: Sat Jun 04 2005 - 18:16:49 PDT

In a message dated 6/2/2005 3:07:01 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
I will be moving to a smaller location and I really
can NOT keep some of the older computers/items, I
have, so these are being offered FREE and Cheap! Also
I am sorry to post a 'commercial posting', however I
really have little time to clear out this stuff.

Okay, so here is some of the stuff I have:

FREE Stuff:

21 - Power Computing (Mac Clone) PPC Computers (Good
w/OS 8.1-8.6)

16 - Performa 636cd Computers (Good 500mb and OS 7.1 -

1 - iMac 266 Missing parts

9 - Centris/Performa 650 Computers (Good with OS 7.1 -
8.1 250mb--500mb)

1 - In Box (however damaged) Apple Color LaserWriter
600 PS

50 Plus - Various LC I/II/III/475 Computers

6 - LC 520 Computers (good with 7.1 and 80mb)

11 - LC 575 Computers (good with 7.1 and 160mb)

8 - LC 575 Computers (good with 7.1 and 240mb)

AND MUCH MORE Stuff (both computers and parts way to
many to list)

Now, the cheap stuff:

2 - Apple IIe Computers (good)

42 - Apple eMate 300's (unknown)

1 - MacintoshTV (RARE Black Mac - good)

1 - LaserWriter 810 (Great Low Page count)

12 - Macintosh Classic II/I Computers (good)

4 - Macintosh SE/30 (with video and networking cards
all power, no HD's installed, ones will be included
for later installation)

250 Plus - Genuine AppleSerive Parts

35 Plus - Older PowerBook (100-3400c)

20 Plus - Older Lisa Items

50 Plus - Older Apple II Items

1 - Ultra Rare Unreleased Apple Prototype Device (very

20 Plus - Hard Drives (older SCSI)

10 - NEW Networking Hubs

(Again More to list, please e-mail if you are looking
for something)

I am defiantly open to offers local pick is great, and
shipping is a possibly... These are being stored at
my house now, and really need to go... These are only
being offered on this list. I am in LaPorte Indiana
(46350 - USA) very close to Chicago... Please unless
you feel the whole list should know contact off
list... Please let me know if you have any intereust
or would like to preview the items, or the like.
If you have a laptop that you no longer use and want to get rid of I would
pay postage and a minor stipend if it we a complete package (power charger,
Please contact me if you want to discuss. I am in Detroit.

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