[NTLK] 2100 package For Sale!

From: David Busey (im-wired_at_comcast.net)
Date: Sun Jun 05 2005 - 23:40:39 PDT

Well, friends. It's been an honor and pleasure to be a part of this
community but it's time to sell my trusty Newton 2100.

The this package comes comes complete with...
        Newton 2100 (not an upgraded 2000). Babied unit. Great condition!!
        The door, hinge and front closure clip is intact however the backside
clip for the door (holds it in the open position) is long gone.
        AC Adapter
        Serial dongle
        3 PCMCIA cards:
                10bT Ethernet - 3COM Megahertz 589E card (2 dongles included)
                20mb memory card
                2mb memory card
        1 Original stylus and 1 spare after-market stylus.
        A nice cordura zippered case that protects it well. the case has
enough room for a pen, some small papers and a spare PC card or two.

I'll also throw in the handsome hardwood Newton Stand that i made in my
shop. It has the newton lighbulb logo neatly burned into the back of
the stand and discreet rubber feet to keep it from skidding across your
desk as you tap at the screen. It's the perfect "cradle" whether
you've got it tethered to your Mac or PC for syncing-n-such or even
when she's front-n-center and you'd need to just work at the Newton
itself without having to hold onto it. There's even a 'well' for the
stylus to rest in while you take a break.

I'll wipe my personal info but probably leave all the software loaded
up on it for your convenience.
Too many SW titles to list but nothing that any of you couldn't raid
from UNNA.

It's in great condition with the exception that the battery finally
died it's last death and I must admit, I'm weary of fiddling with it.
I gutted the batt last year and tried putting in new cells with limited
success. That effort stretched it's life-span for another year of
usefulness to me but now even that will not charge. I don't think that
poor little battery case could survive a second evisceration so you'll
need to plan on getting a AA battery cage or have your own spare batt
to run this little guy with.

Price is $135 and I'll pay the shipping to anywhere in the lower 48
states. If you're outside of that zone, let's talk! I'm sure we can
negotiate something with the additional shipping costs required.

I'll be listing the package on e-bay in 2 weeks if no interest is
expressed here on the list.

If you have serious interest in this package and would like in photos
of any/all of the package, please write me off-list and I'll get some
to you ASAP.
My e-mail address is im-wired_at_comcast.net

Thanks to all!
Beaverton, OR

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