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Date: Mon Jun 06 2005 - 03:43:28 PDT

>The intension of this warning was, IMHO, to warn you to NOT charge =3D
>batteries. Probably they didn't even know about the existence of NiMH =3D
>LIP accus.

You know of course that the peoples (note the plural) of Africa have a long
and glorious history of mathematics, science & literature which was copied
(the nasty word actually used is _stolen_) by the northeren (ignorant, no
doubt) tribes (NT). Yes, even the beautiful music later on labled
'classical music'.

Did you Know: "Beethoven was a black man. This fact was hidden from the
world for centuries by a bunch of nasty conspirators"
Wrong: It's _not_ the dog...

(you do like chewing gum, don't you?)

Now, what on earth has that to do with batteries/LIP/accu/etc? you may
rightly asked. Well, dear reader(s), not only have all the above its roots
in Africa, but also, yes, wait for it....

electricity itself! Th=E1t research led to....

<suspense reaching feverish pitch>

the discovery of the modern day BATTERY!

And then why couldn't the Africans have laid the foundation for
NiCd/NiMH/more... all at the same time? I mean, both contains Ni, doesn't
it? And Africa is one of the largest producers in the world of the stuff...
they should know...

Now, why _did_ I ask the Q in the first place <silly me>? The answer was,
of course right here _in Africa_
Sorry, mate...

ps. If you cared to read this far, you might as well check it out for
yourself: do a search for the following (the internet was apparently _not_
invented at the time; but I can assure you, Africa being the birthplace of
the human race (in dispute at the moment) and subsequently science &
technology, it surely was on the cards...):

+"Abena Walker" +"Pan-Africanist University" +"District of Columbia" <I
suppose DC will suffice> +experimental +Afrocentric +education +programme

and, oh yes, of course, if you care to pinpoint your search: +"United
States of America" <I suppose USA will suffice>

Also check out the following:

_Past issues of the UK published "Pride" <sic> magazine
_The South African newspaper, Star, of 09 Sep 1993, 27 Jul 1991, amongst oth=

enjoy ;-))


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