[NTLK] Rouguelike/PocketCall questions

From: Joe Kallo (quietglow_at_mac.com)
Date: Wed Jun 08 2005 - 06:37:56 PDT

Hi list,

Two, hopefully related, questions which I couldn't find direct answers to in the archives.

1. I've always thought it was one of the great computing tradegies that the Newton never had a real port of some Rouguelike. I'm partial to Nethack myself, but I'd take ANY of them. It's so odd too since some version seems to run on everything from casio watches to tube amplifiers EXCEPT the Newton. And it so tiny a file--usually less than a meg. So here's my question for anyone who might be in the know: is there something in principle about the way Nethack or the Newton works which makes them incompatible? Has anyone ever tried doing some port to the newton? I have Newthack and like it a good bit, but Nethack it is not--I think Chris was the first to admit that. Would it be financially sound to spend many hours teaching myself the basics of newton programming to make such a port? Okay just kidding.

2. I've been playing Nethack using scrawlsoft's terminal app via wireless to my OSX box. This is lots of fun and nearly satisfies my need to Hack on the newton--its just that having to have a machine around and the battery drain which is annoying. I'm thinking of paying for the program but would like to have some comparison with PocketCall first. Is there any way to get a PocketCall license any longer? Anyone have any comments on a comparison with Scrawls pt100?

Thanks Newt people!


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