[NTLK] Concerning Apple's Switch to Intel Chips...

From: MKow1234_at_aol.com
Date: Thu Jun 09 2005 - 07:36:22 PDT

I think you're a bit thin-skinned on this topic, given that you're not even

There is very strong evidence that China is deliberately adjusting the rate
of their currency to screw the $h^t out of western economies. They're fighting
a war with the West -- they're just using the tools of Capitalism to do it.
What do you think will happen with the bulk of their profits? It won't go to the
people. It's going to feed their growing military. China already undermines
US attempts at controlling unruly Asian nations like North Korea. What do you
think will happen in the future? Don't you think Japan is getting nervous as
well? What about Russia? Economic instability, trade imbalances, competition for
raw materials, food, and fuel -- it's all going to add up to war or at least
imperialist territorial expansion at some point down the road.

Or, maybe we should all smile, group hug each other, and dance in a circle
under a rainbow? Yeah, let's just wave hello and smile to the Chinese, as they
continue to screw up the world with the impact of their growth. There is
danger in complacency. And for the record, I am very much opposed to the current
state of affairs in my own country as well. What's a domestic agenda? Plan for
the future? Huh?

Matt K.

I have to go replace the connecting rod in my SO's American-made tractor

"As an Asian on this list I think you've got to step back when speaking
of such large broad generalizations in these terms."

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