Re: [NTLK] OT: outsourcing jobs

From: Goodwin, Greg P. (
Date: Thu Jun 09 2005 - 09:18:14 PDT

>We need to get our own house in order first. Balance the budget. =20
>Encourage companies through financial and legal incentives to keep =20
>jobs at home. We can leave the China-bashing at home, folks!

        China or whatever else bashing. I am about as fired up on the
topic as anyone else. Yeh, I am amazed by how much companies push to
move things elsewhere. Sometimes seemingly our own government.

        But to be fair, if we can shuffle resources the US had lived at
a much higher standard of living than other areas and to a degree I see
this as a balancing. Question is, when spread out, will it be enough?

        We as individuals can do what we can to try to effect
governments and corporations, and sometimes we can make a difference.
Sometimes. :)

        After thinking long about this, I am starting to work on a long
term plan of living well with less. To some degree, others need what I
don't need to use. And at the same time too, in the future, it looks
like such standards might not be there. Time to adjust and make other
preparations to live well.

        Personally the hugging each other and dancing around the rainbow
does not sound all bad (as mentioned earlier). I do not agree with
current technology and resource use and am amazed that the Earth can
support such quick and continual use of resources and not already be
devastated. I would love to see everyone have the basics... food,
shelter, a simple good life with some fun extras. The Newton to me was
great in how efficient it is and would love to see more computers like
it. Great battery life, no real mechanical noises, ease of use.

        I would love to see a world that comes together much like the
Earth we see in Star Trek's future.

        But realistically, we will probably get there, not through
politics, but through necessity.

        But on a Newton note, in that long term future of mine,
computers like the Newton would be awesome for that purpose. Especially
the battery part. I would love to use the Newton more for about
everything if we can just make a quicker way to import files and use
larger stores.

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