Re: [NTLK] NewtSync

From: Thomas Isenbarger (
Date: Thu Jun 09 2005 - 09:51:48 PDT

>> NewtSync uses port 15552 - make sure this is (a) allowed by your
>> firewall, and (b) redirected correctly by your router.
> I do not have my firewall turned on, and up until OS X 10.4 was able
> to connect with no problems on my box. More to the point, the Newton
> can get its IP address no problem when needed, so the problem is not
> in the Newton. The problem, as I posted a few days back, is getting
> NewtSync to start "listening on all addresses." I am suspecting a
> firewall issue, but can't tell how to see if that's the case.
> Anyone have a clue as to what I do next?
> Michael Wittmann

I forgot to reply to this post.

I never synced over TCP/IP before 10.4, so I cannot compare my
experiences now to before Tiger. I only previously synced with the
serial cable.

My firewall is off.

Also, my Newton can get its address with no problem

I may have misspoken (mis-written?) before how the devices are
connected, but the Newton and the laptop are both plugged into the
same ethernet hub.

Tom Isenbarger

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