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Date: Thu Jun 09 2005 - 10:44:08 PDT

Warning, this has nothing to do with Newtons. Hit delete NOW. I have no
interest in debating this further. HIT DELETE NOW. Warning, "flame bait".
Hit delete now.

Okay, so let's carry on. A few random thoughts:

Do you want to be rich?

How many poor people need to exist to make one rich person?

Since the international tariffs on Chinese textiles ended January 1, 2005,
the Americans have screamed and yelled about their jobs being decimated by
cheap imports, but in 2004 the US have increased their imports of Chinese
textiles by 546% (benefiting the Walton family of WalMart fame $$$ (approx.
net worth $90B, ~2x that of Gates)).

Hong Kong estimates that the American people will save $13B/year by
abolishing these tariffs.

To avoid dumping charges, China put an export tax on their textiles,
raising their prices on the international market, so America complains to
the WTO that these taxes are illegal, protecting their importers and retailers.

Meanwhile the WTO, based on a complaint from Brazil, determines that
American subsidies to the cotton growers are illegal. Subsidies put in
place to protect (appease) the lobby of the American textile manufacturing

As an outsider, this looks like a country that wants stuff cheap, wants
high wages, and has a government that tells the population jingoistic sound
bites to keep them from finding out where the money is really going.

This is not a simple dance though. The government has to appear to be
patriotic to the population, so they get re-elected, while putting in place
an international environment so that the rich can get richer (remember the
"trickle down economy"? Very rich people $$$ are actually good for the
economy, just ask them.).

Meanwhile, you are competing against a country where the population is
working for the good of the people instead of their own family (or
themselves individually, or shareholders $$$).

This situation is not restricted to the US or between international
players. Try and be a small farmer in the prairies of Canada competing with
the Hutterite colonies next door who can seed 1,000,000 acres (!) using

Is this "fair"? Of course it is.

You could get a few generations of your family and all of your relatives to
form a cooperative to compete with the Hutterites. No one individual will
get rich, but everyone will have enough to eat, be housed, and be warm.
But, none of your relatives would go for it, they may have to give up their
SUVs and holidays in the sun. It's undemocratic, it's uncapitalistic ...
welcome to the world.

Try not to step on the poor, elderly, and infirm as you make your way.


Ever notice how iPods are "Designed by Apple in California" rather than
"Designed by Apple in USA". I don't think they want to get involved in
patriotism marketing, or are they hiding something?

End of rant. Please continue with your day.

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