Re: [NTLK] Concerning Apple's Switch to Intel Chips...

From: Mr. David M. Ensteness (
Date: Thu Jun 09 2005 - 18:24:10 PDT

Its not MAC - MAC is an acronym for the hardware address of your
network interface chipset. Its Mac, short for Macintosh.
Also I have to bash your reading of Wired simply because Wired is
like MTV for techies.

But, all that aside, you are 100% right in your conclusions so more
power to ya. ;-)

Apple uses Open Firmware but OF is not "Apple's" many companies use
it. Hopefully they will continue to as its FAR superior to the more
common BIOS found in PCs. It is true that the dev. kits Apple is
supplying use a BIOS but its unlikely that will continue to
production level systems. That along with proprietary logic boards
and features, etc ...

Yeah, 100% right.


On Jun 9, 2005, at 11:10 AM, Matt Howe wrote:

> Actually the processor is only a small part of the computer. Anybody
> remember the TI-99, the first 16 bit personal computer? With a BIOS so
> messed up it ran slower than all the 8 bit machines of the day.
> MAC's may
> move to an Intel processor but the BIOS, bus controller, memory
> management,
> the bus structure itself can still be MAC and thus totally
> incompatible with
> Windows. But I first heard about this change in processors from Wired
> Magazine.

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