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The ancient Chinese warrior Sun Tzu taught his men to "know your enemy"
before going into battle. For if "you know your enemy and know
yourself," he wrote, "you need not fear the result of a hundred
battles." But, Sun Tzu warned, "If you know yourself but not the enemy,
for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat."

(Got that from:,14361,FreedomAlliance_062404,
m )

        Not a bad strategy. But then again...

"The only fear to fear is fear itself" - Sir. Winston Churchill.

        I have leapt at shadows, acted in fear, and made some dumb
financial choices. Futures that I had anticipated and planned for
never happened. Money was wasted.

        Bottom line, if you want to learn Mandarin or Hindi, Japanese,
Spanish, etc etc, do it because you have an interest. Learn the
language, the culture and so on. Never a bad idea. I have found that
acting in fear or paranoia is generally a waste. SOMETIMES paranoid
people are right. Most of the time paranoid people sit locked in their
houses with tin foil wrapped around their heads as life goes by. :P

        Maybe the Japanese or Chinese will take over, or the middle east
will dominate, or maybe some discovery is made and the power shifts in
some way no one forsees. Maybe we will be destroyed by a rogue
asteroid, or devoured by a large cosmic dog.

        Don't jump at shadows my friends. Live life, enjoy it. =20
        The only thing I have to say for the future is, don't stop
living. You stop living, you die. :D

        (That is my humorous way of saying the one way to not succeed in
the future is to stop learning, growing, etc..)
Greg Goodwin
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Tony Kan het getik:
>While travelling through Africa I was unimpressed
>by the culture of
>dependency that years of handouts created.

One correction: not years, but decades.
One of the better comments I read in years...

BTW, which countries did you visit?
(doesn't matter, I suppose...)

ps. Hope the above comment doesn't make the Digests disappear, for a
at least, like my last blurp did...


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