Re: [NTLK] Network Setup trouble

From: Jonathan Foerster (
Date: Sat Jun 11 2005 - 17:35:56 PDT

Wow... I've learned so much in the last few days... I had to hunt all
over to find "Internet Setup." I had been looking for a package.

I'm still getting used to this thing.

While I'm still having trouble connecting to the router w/ dhcp... I
can at least connect to the router if I specify an IP (and gateway, dns

But I still can't resolve the name of my mail server.

I send mail (using Simple) and everything seems to go just fine, until
it gets to the business of connecting to the mail server.

Any tips?

David Abramowitz wrote:

>On Jun 10, 2005, at 1:05 AM, Jonathan Foerster wrote:
>>Hi there folks,
>> I'm having one heck of a time enabling network services on a
>>I'm using NOS2.1... I've installed all the NIE2.0 bits, including
>>Hiroshi's package... (I plan on using a Lucent WaveLAN silver).
>> I can get the Newt to recognize the WaveLAN card... go through the
>>setup, etc.
>> But I can't see "Internet Setup"
>Internet Setup is a separate package. Not sure what you mean by you
>can't see it? If there's no package on your Newt called "Internet
>Setup," (check in Extras, and elsewhere) go back and make sure you
>have all the NIE bits.
>- Dave

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