[NTLK] Vcards and Simplemail

From: Jill Barrett Parisher (jill_at_vapidthumbtack.com)
Date: Sun Jun 12 2005 - 00:05:56 PDT

I sent myself a batch of Vcards and Simplemail receives them and displays t=
hem correctly... but can't put them away to names! The first two times, the=
 card caused a -48418 error in Notes and had to be deleted. The third time =
I tried 'put away', the note created was a new type of note I'd never seen =
called "Person". I see the same problem brought up in 2003, but no answer t=
o his question:

List:       newtontalk
Subject:    [NTLK] SimpleMail & V-Cards
=46rom:       "David Deranian" <deranian () mac ! com>
Date:       2003-02-27 15:09:00
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Hello All-
I just emailed myself a V-Card from my OS X address book. Simplemail 4.3 ha=
ndled it just fine as far as displaying the card inside the In/Out box. The=
 card displayed just like it would had it been in the Names application.
The problem is, there doesn't seem to be a way to "Put Away" V-Cards to Nam=
es directly or indirectly for that matter. When I go to "Put Away" in the T=
ag menu, the only option is to put away to Notes. I tried that and received=
 an error message and I thought for a moment I might have corrupted my Note=
s soup. However, I was able to go to the Overview, and delete the offending=
 note. Everything seems find now. Also, the text in the In/Out box when loo=
king at the V-Card is static and can not be selected in any way.
Has anyone else tried this or run across the limitation? Is there a solutio=
David Deranian
Digital Arts & Sciences, Inc.
Created with Newton Technology
Since David asked so eloquently, I thought I would let his description stan=
d. Any thoughts?
I have these (and many other) packages installed:
NIE 2.0
Simplemail 4.3.3
vCard Decoder installed
jill b. parisher - jill_at_vapidthumbtack.com=20
veni vidi aspersi nymphae palveram
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