Re: [NTLK] Boot loop

From: Dan (
Date: Sun Jun 12 2005 - 09:40:47 PDT

Newton wrote:
>>>Most commonly, I believe, is an incorrectly seated or
>>>missing ROM board.
>>The most common reason for a boot loop is having connected
>>a wrong power adapter to a Newton 2000 or 2100.
> I thought and can confirm that also software might be the reason for a boot
> loop. But I never had this failure on a MP2kx, only on a MP130. There I had
> to erase the bad pkg and was done.

True it can cause that. But it can also be hardware related. To see if
it is software, hold your pen about 1/4th of the way down from the top
of the screen while pressing reset. It should pop up a box "do you want
load internal packages" or something to that effect (haven't done it in
a while so I forget the exact wording). Hit no and if you have a card
installed the same will come up again. If that does away with your boot
loop then the problem is software. If it continues then it is probably
hardware. You could try brain wiping it. That is the only other thing
left to try.


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