Re: [NTLK] Need help: Can't start Einstein

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Sun Jun 12 2005 - 15:06:26 PDT

Le 13 juin 05 =E0 06:18, Frank Gruendel a =E9crit :

> I am trying it with a G3 PowerBook Pismo running Mac OSX 10.3.8. I =20
> know
> that Paul says Einstein was done on a G4, but I don not see any
> immediate reason why it should not work on a G3.


> I was able to do the Rom dump using Paul's RomDumper package without a
> problem. Pretty impressing, by the way, dumping the Newton's ROM
> wirelessly to my Mac.


> I can't, though, start Einstein. If I click on Einstein in the Cocoa
> flavor folder, it seems that something is started (only visible =20
> because
> the icon bar at the bottom changes its width for a short time) and
> immediately afterwards closed. There isn't any GUI to be seen on the
> screen.


> dyld: ./einstein can't open library: /usr/lib/libstdc++.6.dylib (No
> such file or directory, errno =3D 2)
> Trace/BPT trap

As I replied directly:

- I tell the compiler to use G4 instructions and optimizations. It =20
may or may not do it.

- the file is very likely to be there. Or should be there. You can =20
check with:
grep -ril 'libstdc++' /Library/Receipts/

- Einstein now has a built-in Rom Dumper utility which prevents you =20
from using the terminal.

- I'd have more information if, in addition to running the previous =20
line, you sent me the Einstein.crash.log file which is in =20
CrashReporter in Logs in your Library folder.

BTW, I'm waiting for Victor's feedback on a linux-x86 build which =20
I'll publish eventually.

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