[NTLK] Halfway to wireless: how do I connect to the internet?

From: Charlie Ranlett (enigmaticmunkie_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Jun 12 2005 - 16:58:31 PDT

Reposting with the hopes that someone will actually
help this time...

I finally was able to dock with my 10.4-runnning
PowerBook tonight by creating a computer-to-computer
network with my internal AirPort card.
I have Courier and all of the associated files
installed on the Newton, but how do I connect to the
internet via the Newton?
I'm guessing the setup is a little different than for
AppleTalk wireless, as for some reason my Newton's
wireless card doesn't even register a signal when I
turn on internet sharing on my computer (little arrow
on the AirPort menu indicating this)
I can dock with a computer-to-computer network, but
what do I need to do to get my PowerBook's internet
relayed to the Newton? It's not picking up on the
internet sharing signal for some reason, and I'm sure
I need to make other changes besides that (Yes, I have
the sharing set to share my connection from my
internal modem to computers using AirPort)

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