[NTLK] New ways to take a screenshoot

From: Alex Lećo (alexleao_at_gmail.com)
Date: Mon Jun 13 2005 - 16:16:41 PDT

To the guys of NewtonFAQ:

There are at least two ways to take a screenshoot that I couldn=B4t find=20=

at NewtonFAQ:

1- NewtPaint (Shareware)
        You all know it.
        I discovered a way to share the screenshots (or any other =
picture from=20
NewtPaint): select the image, put it in the clipboard, them paste in a=20=

new note. Then beam this new note to another Newton. Well, at least you=20=

can free your drawings from NewtPaint without have a desktop and other=20=

packages to do it! :^)

2- ScrapBook from StandAlone (freeware)
        MacDownload: =
        PC Download: =

        It can take various screenshoots and browse thru them. You can =
paste to notes, NewtPaint, NewtWorks etc. Can=B4t send them to desktop=20=

directly. It can too search for pictures around NewtonOS.


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