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From: Kevin Hagen (
Date: Mon Jun 13 2005 - 16:47:51 PDT

If Apple hardware is no longer different than PC hardware, I won't pay
more for an Apple brand PC. Industrial design is nice, but isn't worth
paying more if the box is like all other boxes on the inside.

Regarding Open Firmware, Phil Schiller said that Windows will run
natively on MacIntels. Apple won't sell Windows, nor support it, but
they won't do anything to stop someone from installing and running
Windows on the Mac. Doesn't that mean BIOS motherboards? I also read
somewhere that Apple was hiring BIOS engineers.

I know OS X can run on standard PC hardware, but I felt comfortable
paying more for unique hardware and software. Apple will soon be just
another PC vendor, with a winning OS that will be running on many
non-Mac PC's, and with Macs running Windows and removing the need for
developers to support both Mac OS and Windows. First, Mac game port
houses will cease porting to OS X, then other software will follow,
leaving OS X as a pretty desktop that supplements Windows. At least
that's how some people see it, and I'm leaning that way as well.

Apple wants to maximize profits and supporting an alternative and
superior architecture is an expense they don't want. Apple is/was part
of the AIM alliance and IBM probably wanted Apple to share in the dev
costs of newer PPC CPU's. IBM has said as much, that it was an issue
over money, not IBM's capability.

The Think Different days are over. Apple wants to play in the big
leagues, and that means shedding its niche status. To do that requires
that they Think Similar. It's a big risk, a huge gamble. This will
make or break the company. And it results in standardized CPU's,
reducing consumer choice, and perhaps stifling real advances in
computer hardware.
On Jun 13, 2005, at 5:35 PM, Martin Joseph wrote:

My 2 cent

> On Jun 13, 2005, at 2:02 PM, Norman Palardy wrote:
>> On Jun 13, 2005, at 2:01 PM, Ed Kummel wrote:
>>> And think of Intel! Talk about the cat that ate the
>>> canary! Now they can not only dicated how the Windows
>>> OS should operate, but now they can push Apple around
>>> too! woo-hoo! what i would give to be Intel about now!
>>> Ed
>>> web/gadget guru
>> I think you have that relationship backwards.
>> MS dictates more to Intel than Intel does to MS.
> MS can't really push that hard... Unless they are planning to move to
> PowerPC (LOL).
> I think Apple is going to allow PC users with the know how, to buy OSX
> and install it on there bone stock PC's(someone will figure it out).
> Apple won't support these users, but still they will take there $129.
> That is the way obsolete mac hardware works (ie xpostfacto on older
> macs can run 10.4 we are just unsupported).
> Plus some of these technical hacker types will like OSX and as usual
> Apple will continue to design the nicest PC's in existence...
> Some of these hacker types will also become Apple hardware customers.
> This is a win/win situation for Apple as long as pro Mac users don't
> opt out of Apple hardware (which is unlikely). Powercomputing had some
> success though, so it's a potential worry for them.
> MS makes a LOT more $ then Apple, mostly from windows, so SJ appears
> to be having visions of grandeur (delusions?) about this whole setup...
> marty
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