Re: [NTLK] [OT] Concerning Apple's Switch to Intel Chips...

From: Riccardo Mori (
Date: Mon Jun 13 2005 - 19:10:17 PDT

Mechcozmo wrote:

>> That is the way obsolete mac hardware works (ie xpostfacto on older
>> macs can run 10.4 we are just unsupported).
> Isn't it painfully slow to run Tiger on even the bottom of the line
> G3s? I know that on the flower-power iMacs, Panther was pretty
> slow.=20
> But going even slower?
> So, do tell. How does it run?

on a clamshell iBook SE 466 firewire, Tiger runs pretty well. :)

i used Xpostfacto to install Mac OS X 10.1 on a Powermac 9500/132. the
overall performance is surprisingly good. the only pain is the
optimization after installing any package. it takes ages to complete. i
also tried to install Jaguar, but the Powermac looks happier with Mac
OS X 10.1.5.


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