[NTLK] Dock connection to computer not working

From: Harrison Jordan (harrisonjordan_at_gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jun 14 2005 - 05:22:14 PDT

So i borrowed a silver Orinoco 5v 11-mbps 16-bit card and the internet
on it is working fine and dandy (i love going on jabber and vnc and
newt's cape :)). Anyway, I tried to get a connection to the dock and it
finally worked. I would go to escale and the Appletalk button wouldn't
be lit up (even though appletalk was enabled in the system prefs).
Then, I would go my Dock on the newton and then go to "Connect to Other
Computer". Then, the appletalk button lit up on escale and then my
computer was found when the dock checked for computers with appletalk
and it connected!

Now however, the Appletalk logo is always lit up in escale (even when i
tried to also disable appletalk, appletalk logo was still lit up in
escale). When I went to "Coonect to Other Computer" in the Dock, it
would fine my computer. I select my computer and then try to connect.
However, five seconds later, it says that the mac os computer cannot be
found on the network or something like that.

Please help as I have limited time with this wi-fi card and I need to
decide if I should buy an Orinocco card on ebay, and I need to see if
the current one I borrowed can perform the way it should.



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