Re: [NTLK] backlight problem

From: Russ Bravo (
Date: Wed Jun 15 2005 - 12:31:39 PDT

Hi Dave

I'd agree with the other post - the buyer may be seeing exactly the same
backlight performance as you, but have unrealistically high expectations.

As someone who in similar fashion is scrupulous about guarding their eBay
rating (100% 714 last I looked), I err on the side of giving the buyer the
benefit of the doubt - if they're unhappy in any way I offer a full refund
for return of the item.

It's only ever happened once, and the offer will only enhance your
reputation even if the buyer decides not to take you up on it.

Russ, UK

"It's possible to get over-excited about cheese"
- no 17, Brandon Cummerbund's Advice for Living (Volume 1)

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