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From: Joost van de Griek (
Date: Thu Jun 16 2005 - 00:41:33 PDT

On 2005-06-16 1:26, Martin Joseph wrote:

> On Jun 15, 2005, at 4:17 PM, Kevin Hagen wrote:
>> If this happens, MacTel or whatever Apple will call it, will be even more of
>> a niche player, and that will cut into the bottom line hard.
> Maybe, but not if enough PC's adopt OSX, then they actually become a much
> larger player.

I doubt that'll happen, though. Any PC manufacturer who dares ship PC's with
Mac OS X on them will lose its Windows licensing. That's the end of their
corporate market.

>> I think Apple simply doesn't want to spend any of its profits funding an
>> alternative platform.
> That is completely wrong. They are still totally committed to an
> "alternative" platform. You are over rating the uniqueness of mac hardware.
> It has been made of standard stuff for a long long time.

No, YOU are completely wrong, there. A Mac isn't just a PC box with a PPC
CPU. Just because it has PCI, AGP, USB etc., doesn't mean it isn't a
completely different design from a PC.

> I expect that apple will continue to add some custom and semicustom parts to
> intel based Mac's/

Let's hope so, but since Intel make some pretty serious integrated chipsets
to go with their CPU's, and Apple has probably made this move in a effort to
cut costs (alongside other reasons), I'm not so sure about that, yet.


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