Re: [NTLK] Back light problem

From: Johannes Wolf (
Date: Thu Jun 16 2005 - 07:28:53 PDT

It is not necessary a degradation or damage.
In fact it is rather hard to verify the brightness of the Newt BL without
having a second "reference" device at hand.
Of course once you arfe used to the brightness of modern white BL LCD
displays, the Newt BL appears indeed to be rather dim.

Just my two bits...


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> I recently sold a MP 2000. I gave the unit a very thorough going over
> before I listed it for sale. The back light wasn't as bright as a new
> unit ( ah, the memories.... ) but it was bright enough for easy,
> comfortable use. When the unit arrived at the seller's he wrote and
> told me that the light was very dim. Now, I have a perfect ebay record,
> and in years past have sold MPs to members of this list with complete
> satisfaction all around. I am very distressed by this new situation.

> My question is, could something have happened during shipping? I am
> obsessively careful about packing, but given the sudden deterioration
> of the back light's performance, I have to wonder. TIA

> Dave

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