[NTLK] Mad Max Problem

From: Harrison Jordan (harrisonjordan_at_gmail.com)
Date: Thu Jun 16 2005 - 10:04:58 PDT


whenever i try to play a stream in mad max and then play the stream, It
gives me the internet connect slip and then it goes through the process
where it says "connecting" "receiving" etc. And then it says "Newton
does not have enough memory" and it asked me to restart. I restart and
i delete almost all the soups and I delete unwanted packages, and I
still get the "Newton does not have enough memory" alert even though I
don't have alot of packages on my newton. For mp3 file and stream
playback I have mp3 decoder, mad max, nhttplib 3.4.2, mp3 codec, and
launchpls. Sometimes when I try to launch an mp3 stream it says
"receiving headers" and "receiving body" and "receiving", and then it
says "unbinding" and "disposing". It also sometimes says
"disconnecting". I have never been able to successfully play an mp3
stream on my newton so far.

I have tried all the streams on the radiofreenewton site, with all of
them unsuccessfully loading. (also, FYI I never get the 404 error when
I try to play a stream)

I have an MP2k with 912k system RAM installed and 1434k memory used and
2089k memory free.

I have no clue why it is saying that I need more free space to run a
stream. Don't I have enough free memory already?



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