Re: [NTLK] My new toy!

From: Dan (
Date: Sun Jun 19 2005 - 09:05:22 PDT

Martin Joseph wrote:
> On Jun 18, 2005, at 8:31 PM, Mac User wrote:
>>In fact, I should have asked my question differently. Is it possible
>>to use standard batteries without having to sold them? I mean, just
>>having the batteries stick together without soldering them. Maybe

I should have been more specific myself. Yes you can if you use a
battery holder (or as marty says, a sled) to use normal batteries. And
I agree that it will be somewhat of a annoyance to replace them.
However you don't have to screw the battery compartment shut all the
time. I would use electric tape in one or two places at the top and
that should hold it, yet provide to easy removal. I would recamend this
actually if you are going to be using replaceable batteries (or
rechargeables that you recharge outside of the emate) because the screws
are small and easy to strip/ruin the heads so you won't be able to
remove them later.


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