[NTLK] [ANN] Brandnew Newton eBook: Cory Doctorow's "Someone Comes To Town, Someone Leaves Town"

From: DJ Vollkasko (DJ_Vollkasko_at_gmx.net)
Date: Mon Jun 20 2005 - 10:46:09 PDT

Dear fellow bookish Newtonians,

Cory Doctorow's eagerly awaited third novel "Someone Comes to Town,
Someone Leaves Town" is out to-day AND ALREADY NEWTIFIED (proper Newton
eBooks: Classic, 2k Portrait, eMate Landscape) by yours truly! Oh, and
I've thrown the cover into the mix, and the Wikipedia-entry about the
author plus his foto there. Neat li'l package, if I may say so myself,
of course complete with table of contents and stuff.

"It's only natural that Alan, the broadminded hero of Doctorow's fresh,
unconventional SF novel, is willing to help everybody he meets. After
all, he's the product of a mixed marriage (his father is a mountain and
his mother is a washing machine), so he knows how much being an outcast
can hurt. Alan tries desperately to behave like a human being--or at
least like his idealized version of one. He joins a cyber-anarchist's
plot to spread a free wireless Internet through Toronto at the same
time he agrees to protect his youngest brothers (members of a set of
Russian nesting dolls) from their dead brother who's now resurrected
and bent on revenge." (Plot summary, courtesy of Publishers Weekly)

Find this new work by John W. Campbell Award-, Locus Award for Best
First Novel- and Sunburst Award for best Canadian Science Fiction
Book-winner at the Temporary Newton Library
_scifi/Doctorow,%20Cory%20(1971-)/ (other great stuff, too -- from
classic sf and fantasy by Dunsany, Burroughs --COMPLETE John Carter of
Mars-series!--, Lovecraft and many others over brandnew CC-licensed
titles by Richard Kadrey, Chris Carlsson and Benjamin Rosenbaum to
Norse sagas, the Situationiste International, health, geography and
ethnography, natural sciences, politics,... literally hundreds of MBs
of wholesome Newton reading ware, all CCL or public domain, all good
for you, browse yer Temp Newton Lib today! Open 00:00 - 24:00h, Mon
thru Sun, offer valid while supplies last -- first come, first
        More stuff by Cory (mostly in Newton paperback format) at
http://www.unna.org/view.php?/books/Fiction_Poetry/Cory_Doctorow and

Oh, and if you like "Someone Comes..." a lot, feel free to buy a copy
and give it to a friend as a gift!

Now excuse me while I hafta read this new eBook I just got finished...


The Temporary Newton Library

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