Re: [NTLK] Soduko on Newton

From: Michael C. Wittmann (
Date: Mon Jun 20 2005 - 13:59:38 PDT

Hey, that's great! The game is exactly the kind of teaser that I like
(I'm a physicist, I was a nerd who factored the odometer on my car
for fun while driving long boring rides). As was pointed out, the
website that was sent out created impossible puzzles. I'd never
played before, but I didn't find a single one that didn't have a
logical inconsistency built into at some point.

It's a slick game, though. Fun to keep "registers" of information
floating in your head. I look forward to loading it on my Newton as a
true time waster!


On 2005 Jun 20, at 1:23 PM, Daniel Padilla wrote:
>> whoops lol. well it's also strange that that was the only javascript
>> version of soduko that I have seen on the internet. I guess there
>> just
>> isn't enough interest for a javascript/newtonscript version of soduko
> Nah, it's interesting. I spent an hour yesterday and the user
> interface
> is already done. I'll try to put it up together during the week.
> D.

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