Re: [NTLK] tablet PC running OSX and inkwell

From: okto simaia (
Date: Mon Jun 20 2005 - 20:07:08 PDT

> The first pic as itunes in
> the Dock, but with a blue music symbol.
The icon of iTunes 1&2.

> iChat has a ! symbol instead
> of the video camera and also has the AOL man.
Adium's icon.

> In the last photo
> suddenly the icons in the dock has changed, ichat logo has changed
> (has the one from Panther) and the itunes logo now has the green
> music symbol.
*shrug* That is suspicious, but by itself doesn't prove anything
either way.

> Looks like someone photoshopped the images...
Photoshop couldn't have done that, and not because of lack of skill
on the part of the user. Photoshop simply won't do a lot of what
would be required to distort a rectangular image inot perspective AND
give it the sort of washed-out appearance of a photo of an LCD.

I call "dubious" on this one rather than "impossible". I'd like to
see some screencap videos, especially of, say, a Quartz render test
or an iTunes visualization.

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