Re: [NTLK] tablet PC running OSX and inkwell

From: Tyler Regas (
Date: Wed Jun 22 2005 - 08:41:08 PDT

I don't think it implausible, just unlikely. In order to get the =20
specific components which would match the P4 test system offered by =20
Apple you would have to know what's in them, and to know what's in =20
them is to be a paid Apple developer (or someone close to one). If I =20
had just paid $3000 to be an Apple developer and get this box, I'd =20
not be very interested in leaking it and risking my business and =20
standing with Apple. It is also unlikely that a laptop, more =20
specifically a Tablet PC, would have the exact components required to =20=

make the X installer happy. A hand-built PC would have a far greater =20

My purely speculative estimation of the hardware required based on =20
the WWDC demo would be the following:

=95Intel 9xx Series Motherboard
=953.4GHz HT CPU
=953GBs of RAM
=95PATA hard drive
=95ATI or nVidia VGA card similar to what's currently shipping in G5 =20

I'm not surprised that an ISO of the installer DVD is available, =20
though. This is easy to do and typically defies efforts to determine =20


On Jun 22, 2005, at 7:22 AM, Jon Glass wrote:
> whole thing, however, strikes me as inplausible... just to go on=3D20
> record. ;-)

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